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The Manchego cheese crisis

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La Mancha is a region in Central Spain. It is also home to Spain's most popular cheese, Manchego.


If you have never tried Manchego cheese, you should. 


Anyway, this particular cheese is at the centre of a trade war between Spain and Mexico. 


Apparently, Manchego is also a very popular cheese brand in Mexico but it has nothing in common with the Spanish version. 


In Mexico, Manchego is a type of cheese they use for burritos, fajitas and the like, similar to the way we use Cheddar cheese in Australia or the States. 


Spain wants Mexico to change the name of the cheese to protect Manchego's designation of origin status


But the Mexicans, for the moment, are refusing to budge. 

The future of the Spanish siesta

The future of Spain's most famous pastime, the siesta (only kidding Spaniards), is in doubt as the government is thinking of bringing Spain work timetables in line with the rest of Europe. 


This means that the two-hour lunch break that many businesses give their workers will disappear. 


The news was met with a mixed reaction from people in Spain. 


Some are in favour of a shorter lunch so they can get home earlier in the afternoon, while others are reluctant to part with tradition. 


What do you think? Should the siesta stay or go?

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