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How to be Spanish controversy

Sunday Times travel writer Chris Haslam decided it would be a good idea to write the article How to be Spanish


I don't think he intended to nearly start a war between the UK and Spain, but that was the result. 


It's been a long time since have I seen an article get the Spanish so worked up. 


Twitter exploded and Mr Haslam even had to temporarily restrict his account due to the abuse. 


The Spain newspaper ABC even published a reply article slagging off the Brits. 


My opinion is that the article was humorous in nature, full of stereotypes,  and written for a laugh. 


What's your opinion?


Spain's rich list

 A list of Spain's richest people for 2018 was published and it came as no surprise to see Amancio Ortego of Inditex fame at the top. 


In fact, his fortune was more than that of the next 10 people's fortunes combined. 


As expected there is a lot of old money wealth on this list and the majority of it concentrated in Spain's big cities. 


Most of the women on the list have inherited their fortunes, and there are few, if any, tech rich here in Spain. 


The top ten is:

Amancio Ortega, €62.7b - Inditex

Juan Roig, €9.25b  - Mercadona

Rafael del Pino and Family, €7b- Ferrovial

Sandra Ortega, €7b - Inditex

Francisco and Jon Riberas, €5.9b- Gestamp

Sol Daurella and familiy, €5.4b  - Coca Cola Spain

Juan and Carlos March, €5b - March Group

Victor Grifols and Family, €3.8b - Grifols

Entrecanales family, €3.4b - Acciona

Isac Andrik, €3.35b - Mango

Recovery, what recovery? Not everyone reaping the benefits.

Spain is reporting some impressive data when it comes to GDP growth and politicians are quick to point out the strengths of Spain's economy considering how bad it was a few years ago. 


However, not all experts are happy with the way the economy is growing and say that few people are reaping the benefits. 


The Local online newspaper listed seven facts that question the recovery. They are:


1. Greater inequality

2. The poor stay poor

3. Glass ceiling for many women

4. Youth unemployment still very high

5. Stagnant wages

6. People can't see positive future

7. Public spending still not recovered


Have you got an opinion on the topic? Have you felt signs of the recovery?



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