Spain News Review - Brits fleeing Spain, Spain's women on strike

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Brits fleeing Spain

brits flee spain

According to recent data, the number of British people living in some areas of Spain has dropped by around 40% in some areas. The Valencia area has apparently experienced a 50% drop. What are the reasons?


Increasing cost of living is listed as one of the reasons. The pounds devaluation against the euro since Brexit means thats people relying in their British pension each month have less spending power. 


Couple that with an increase in the cost of medicines and you have reason number one. 


Another reason is that many people retire here with their partners. When one of the couple dies, the other decides to pack up and go home to be closer to family. Makes sense, right?


The final reason is due to changes to the way local town halls keep their records. 


Recent changes mean that councils are now obliged to update their census records every two years. 


Therefore, thousands of Brits that have either passed away or gone back to the UK are now wiped from the census. 


Do you know of any other reasons for the drop in numbers?

Spain's women on strike

spain women on strike

Women in Spain decided to hit the streets en masse and demand an end to domestic violence, equal pay, and gender equality. 


Let's be honest. Spain is a pretty 'machista' country and woman have had a pretty rough deal compared to men. 


I have seen examples of discrimination here that I have not seen in other countries that I have lived, especially when it comes to families. 


There seems to be different standards for boys and girls when it comes to what they are expected to do at home, at least in families that I know. 


Domestic violence has also been on the increase in recent years and there have been a number of media campaigns to make people more aware of the problem. 


Women also want the 13% pay gap closed and an end to the glass ceiling that a lot of women face in companies here in Spain. 


I have the feeling that this will become an annual event until some of the requested changes are felt at society level. 

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