How to find cheap fuel in Spain

cheap fuel spain

It's the question that all motorists ask themselves when driving in Spain: Where are the cheapest fuel stations? And it's a good question because the price of fuel, both petrol and diesel, can vary quite a lot. 


Firstly, my recommendation is NEVER fill up at petrol stations on the motorways. Simply because they are usually more expensive.


Cheaper stations can easily be found just off the motorway system in a nearby city or town. You might have to spend a few minutes getting there, but you will save money. 


Secondly, I suggest downloading a cheap fuel free app. The one I use is free and it tells you where the cheapest fuel stations are in Spain. 


This is the one that I use and it has not let me down yet. 

You can download the app here.

Low cost fuel stations v big brand fuel stations

Low-cost fuel stations have sprung up like mushrooms in Spain over the last decade. To give you an example, in the city where I live there are now 6 of these cheap fuel alternatives and only 3 big-brand stations. 


When I say big brand I mean Repsol, Shell, Galp, Cepsa, BP etc. 


Popular low-cost stations include: Petropprix, Ballenoil, Plenoil, and supermarket brands like Carrefour and Eroski. 


As you can see from the images below, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive stations can be huge. 

I have been using low-stations for the last 10 years and have not had a problem with fuel quality, so I recommend filling up at this type of fuel station and save yourself a few euros.

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