How to find cheap fuel in Spain
Travel around Spain · 29/07/2023
Looking for a cheap place to fill up you car in Spain. Well, you are in luck as there are numerous low-cost fuel stations all over the country.

Where are the speed cameras that issue the most fines on Spanish roads?
Travel around Spain · 26/07/2023
If you are driving in Spain the last thing you want is a speeding fine. Here are the cameras that issue the most fines in on Spanish roads.

Speed cameras in Spain
Travel around Spain · 17/07/2022
No one wants a speeding ticket when driving in a foreign country. Spanish highways and motorways are full of speed cameras and many drivers have had the unpleasant experience of having to fork out hundreds of euros after being fined by Spain's traffic directorate the DGT.

Walking tour of Lugo, Galicia
Places to visit in Spain · 23/03/2022
Go on a walking tour of Lugo in Galicia.

Ponferrada, León
Places to visit in Spain · 22/03/2022
Ponferrada is a must-visit city if you are travelling through Spain's north-west.

Spain's top 5 cities for living and working in 2022
Living in spain · 16/03/2022
In this video I give my opinion on the best 5 cities in Spain for living and working. And the top cities are...

Spain News Update - We are getting poorer and poorer in Spain
Spain news update · 16/03/2022
Spain news update and Spain says it will increase military spending to 2% of GDP and coalition partner Podemos is not happy; Spain starts to go off the Russian oligarchs; the bank of Spain warns that people will be poorer given the high inflation rates; and Spain misses out on big Intel investment.

This week in Spain - One company leaves, another enters
This week in Spain · 16/10/2021
This week we talk about public holidays in Spain in 2022; changes to private pensions; a new delivery company to enter the market; and there is a new food waste prevention law.

Inside Spain 04 - Spain is a divided country
Inside Spain · 16/10/2021
Episode 04 of inside Spain and this week we talk about the recently approved general budgets for 2022 and why Spain is constantly trying to destroy itself.

Brits leaving Spain in their droves
Spain News Review · 04/10/2021
Spain news update and PM Sánchez promises €206 million to rebuild La Palma; unemployment figures improve; Spain is facing a truck driver shortage; wild botellón culture now the norm; and Brits fleeing Spain in their droves.

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