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This week in Spain - One company leaves, another enters
This week in Spain · 16/10/2021
This week we talk about public holidays in Spain in 2022; changes to private pensions; a new delivery company to enter the market; and there is a new food waste prevention law.

Cycling in Madrid
What? You want to know the best way to get around central Madrid? Well, if you're thinking of moving around Madrid on a bike, I'd think again. You see, Madrid is not a bike-friendly city at the moment. Madrileños, as they are known here, like to move around by car, motorbike or scooter. They see bicycles as an inferior form of transport. And we're also a bit aggressive when we drive and don't like to share our roads. Don't get me wrong. It's not that the city council doesn't want you to ride a...

traditional Spanish newsstand
If you have ever been to a Spanish city, you would have seen the typical newsstand on many streets. The newsstand is an important part of the 'barrios' in Spain. Every Spaniard has, or had, a relationship with the local 'quiosquero', or, in other words, the man or woman that sold the newspapers and magazines. The 'quiosco' is far more than a newsstand. It is a place that becomes part of you daily routine here in Spain, like buying a loaf of bread or going to the local market. Yet the majority...

spain's ageing population
Spain's population is getting older and that could mean huge problems for the future.

chueca in spring
Life in Madrid really starts to change in May. The city wakes up from its winter slumber as the days get longer and the weather hotter.

Living in spain · 20/03/2018
In this vlog I share some of the things that sometimes annoy me about living in Spain. In spite of a few gripes, Spain is still a great place to live.

Working in Spain · 18/03/2018
Thinking of working and living in Spain? Stuart gives his views on what it's like to live and work in Spain - the ups and the downs, the working culture, teaching English in Spain, or trying to find a job in the real Spanish job market.

Working in Spain · 05/03/2018
Teaching English in Spain has many pros and cons. For example, if you are teaching in a big city, you will need to spend a lot of time on public transport - CON. However, you will have plenty of free time throughout the day to work on other projects, or to explore all that Spain has to offer - PRO.