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This week in Spain - One company leaves, another enters
This week in Spain · 16/10/2021
This week we talk about public holidays in Spain in 2022; changes to private pensions; a new delivery company to enter the market; and there is a new food waste prevention law.

Inside Spain 04 - Spain is a divided country
Inside Spain · 16/10/2021
Episode 04 of inside Spain and this week we talk about the recently approved general budgets for 2022 and why Spain is constantly trying to destroy itself.

Living in Spain Podcasts · 12/09/2019
In podcast number six about living in Spain we talk about why young Spaniards are often late to leave the family nest, we discuss education in Spain, if Spaniards are happier than Aussies and vice versa, and we chat about some of the reasons Spain will have the highest life expectancy by 2040.

Living in Spain Podcasts · 12/09/2019
In this podcast special I talk to Alex Searle about his new life in Valencia, Spain. Alex and family packed up and moved to Valencia from South Africa in 2018 and in the podcast we discuss some of the good things and bad things they have discovered about living in Spain. We talk about their dealings with Spanish bureaucracy, his work-life balance, and how he and his family are adapting to their new life in Spain. Listen to the audio or watch the video. Check out Alex's YouTube channel here.

long queues spain
Bureaucracy and queues go hand in hand in Spain. It doesn't matter what you need to do. If it has to do with the government, be prepared for a wait. Getting there early won't help. For some administrative tasks the queues start a couple of hours before the offices open. Residency is one of the worst. Or at least it was when I first had to go through the process. I thought I'd be smarter than the rest and get to the police station at 7am. To my surprise I wasn't the only person with the same...

madrid central
I love walking around the centre of Madrid. I love doing it even more when there aren't any cars in the way. Since I've been living here, the centre of Madrid has been a congested, polluted and dirty place. The reason: Cars. Sidewalks are narrow in this part of the city and you'd often find yourself having to walk down the middle of the street because of the crowds. Then came Madrid Central. Madrid Central is an ambitious project to limit the type and amount of cars that are allowed to enter...

spain's ageing population
Spain's population is getting older and that could mean huge problems for the future.

chueca in spring
Life in Madrid really starts to change in May. The city wakes up from its winter slumber as the days get longer and the weather hotter.

Living in spain · 05/03/2018
Thinking of moving to Madrid and not sure where you should live? In this post I give my opinion on the best places to live in Madrid.