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madrid central
I love walking around the centre of Madrid. I love doing it even more when there aren't any cars in the way. Since I've been living here, the centre of Madrid has been a congested, polluted and dirty place. The reason: Cars. Sidewalks are narrow in this part of the city and you'd often find yourself having to walk down the middle of the street because of the crowds. Then came Madrid Central. Madrid Central is an ambitious project to limit the type and amount of cars that are allowed to enter...

traditional Spanish newsstand
If you have ever been to a Spanish city, you would have seen the typical newsstand on many streets. The newsstand is an important part of the 'barrios' in Spain. Every Spaniard has, or had, a relationship with the local 'quiosquero', or, in other words, the man or woman that sold the newspapers and magazines. The 'quiosco' is far more than a newsstand. It is a place that becomes part of you daily routine here in Spain, like buying a loaf of bread or going to the local market. Yet the majority...

Living in spain · 05/03/2018
Thinking of moving to Madrid and not sure where you should live? In this post I give my opinion on the best places to live in Madrid.