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Spain News Update - We are getting poorer and poorer in Spain
Spain news update · 16/03/2022
Spain news update and Spain says it will increase military spending to 2% of GDP and coalition partner Podemos is not happy; Spain starts to go off the Russian oligarchs; the bank of Spain warns that people will be poorer given the high inflation rates; and Spain misses out on big Intel investment.

Spain news update · 29/09/2021
Spain news update and lava from the volcano eruption on the island of La Palma has reached the ocean. Will Covid certificated become legal in Spain; the cannabis legalisation debate is again on the table. Spain's furlough scheme extended Madrid premiers says US investors are surprised by Spain's tax policies.
Spain News Review · 05/03/2018
Colombia's second most famous export, Shakira, was in the news here in Spain for all the wrong reasons. She has been accused by the Spanish tax authority, Hacienda, of tax avoidance. Apparently Shakira was residing in the Bahamas until 2015 but Hacienda say otherwise and claim she resided in Spain for more than the 183-day minimum in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. She officially moved her residence to Spain in 2015 to coincide with the reinstatement of the Beckham Law, which allows wealthy...

Spain News Review · 05/03/2018
La Mancha is a region in Central Spain. It is also home to Spain's most popular cheese, Manchego. If you have never tried Manchego cheese, you should. Anyway, this particular cheese is at the centre of a trade war between Spain and Mexico. Apparently, Manchego is also a very popular cheese brand in Mexico but it has nothing in common with the Spanish version. In Mexico, Manchego is a type of cheese they use for burritos, fajitas and the like, similar to the way we use Cheddar cheese in...