Living in spain

Spain's top 5 cities for living and working in 2022
Living in spain · 16/03/2022
In this video I give my opinion on the best 5 cities in Spain for living and working. And the top cities are...

Moving to Spain in 2020 pros and cons
Living in spain · 19/12/2020
Still thinking of moving to Spain in 2020 and beyond? Here are some of the pros and cons of living in a country like Spain.

Living in spain · 12/08/2020
Spain ex-pat interview with Elliot from the USA who came to Spain on the Auxiliares de Conversación programme in 2019.
is the crisis over in spain
Living in spain · 11/05/2018
Yes. The crisis is over in Spain. The ecomomy is growing and consumers have more confidence. How long will it last?

Living in spain · 10/04/2018
I have said it before, and I'll say it again. A person's quality of life is fairly subjective. We all have different things that help add to the quality of our lives. Spain is no different.

Living in spain · 09/04/2018
Let's be honest. Spain is a country made for tourism. It has everything a tourist will ever need. So why is Tourist Phobia an issue in Spain?

Living in spain · 20/03/2018
In this vlog I share some of the things that sometimes annoy me about living in Spain. In spite of a few gripes, Spain is still a great place to live.

Living in spain · 08/03/2018
In this vlog I comment on blog post by a disgruntled expat that didn't find living in Spain to his liking.

Living in spain · 08/03/2018
In this vlog I talk about what it is like to live in Spain from a security point of view, for example, if there is a lot of crime, if it is safe to walk the streets at night, if there is violence associated with alcohol, and will your investments be safe should you decide to buy property here

pros and cons of living in spain
Living in spain · 06/03/2018
In this blog post and video I talk about some of the things that I consider to be pros and cons of living in Spain.

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