Places to visit in Spain

Walking tour of Lugo, Galicia
Places to visit in Spain · 23/03/2022
Go on a walking tour of Lugo in Galicia.

Ponferrada, León
Places to visit in Spain · 22/03/2022
Ponferrada is a must-visit city if you are travelling through Spain's north-west.

Leon: One of my top 10 cities in Spain
Places to visit in Spain · 19/12/2020
Leon is a wonderful city with a very good quality of life for the people living there, and a must visit city. In my top 10 recommended, and very easily accessed from other parts of Spain too!

Ponferrada - The capital of one of Spain's best wine regions
Places to visit in Spain · 19/12/2020
Ponferrada combines history, good quality of life, superb gastronomy and one of best and least known wine regions in Spain, El Bierzo.

Oviedo: A pleasant city in the north of Spain
Places to visit in Spain · 19/12/2020
Asturias is in a prime location; it is green, clean and close to both the beach and the mountains. A little more relaxed than a lot of Spanish cities, it is a peaceful location to consider if moving to Spain.