Spain News Review

Spain News Review · 17/03/2018
This week's SpainNews Review looks at stories about the Spanish royal facing jail, and the search for young Gabriel Cruz ends in tragedy.

Spain News Review · 12/03/2018
According to recent data, the number of British people living in some areas of Spain has dropped by around 40% in some areas. The Valencia area has apparently experienced a 50% drop. What are the reasons?

Spain News Review · 10/03/2018
This week's Spain News Review looks at the How to be Spanish controversy, Spain's rich list for 2018, whether of not the improvements to the economy are being felt.

Spain News Review · 05/03/2018
Colombia's second most famous export, Shakira, was in the news here in Spain for all the wrong reasons. She has been accused by the Spanish tax authority, Hacienda, of tax avoidance. Apparently Shakira was residing in the Bahamas until 2015 but Hacienda say otherwise and claim she resided in Spain for more than the 183-day minimum in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. She officially moved her residence to Spain in 2015 to coincide with the reinstatement of the Beckham Law, which allows wealthy...

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