Madrid comes to life in May

The long winter has finally come to an end and the city of Madrid starts to come to life. 


The days become longer and the weather starts to warm up. 


You know that it's May because there are endless public holidays and more tourists than usual. 


People start sunning themselves on the terraces to have a coffee, lunch, or a beer and to watch life in Spain's biggest city go by. 


Street cleaners need to work harder as the rubbish starts to pile up as well. 


I enjoy a walk in the morning as the city centre is being washed down. It gives a sense of freshness to an otherwise dirty and dusty place. 

chueca in spring
Chueca in the spring

To its credit, the city council does try to keep the city clean. But with people constantly throwing their cigarette butts onto the ground before going into a shop, bar or restaurant, it's always going to be an uphill battle. 


May 2019 is also an election month here in Madrid. The political parties are out in force as images of the candidates line the streets. 

Madrid municipal elections 2019
Always go forward

They all have a vision for the future of the city. Some have modern ideas. Some have ideas from the past. 


What will Spain's capital look like in four years' time?



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