Thinking of moving to Spain?

move to spain

Are you thinking about moving to Spain from the UK, Ireland,  the US, Australia Canada or New Zealand, or any other country?


Have you gone over the internet looking for everything you can find about Spain, trying to learn about the reality of moving abroad to this wonderful country?


Are you:

  • overwhelmed by all the information on the web?
  • afraid to make such a momentous move?
  • unsure of how you’d adapt to a new culture?
  • curious about Spain from the perspective of an English speaker?
  • looking to talk with someone who’s made the move—and get details first-hand?


Well, now you can talk to me and I'll share with you everything I know about this country. 

Moving to Spain can be a big step, we all know that.


If you want to know how it feels and what it’s like living here so you can make an informed decision about whether moving to Spain is right for you, let’s have chat. 

During our chat you’ll get an hour of honest conversation with me about how I did it, what daily life is like, and how I’m making it work. No fluff, just honest and transparent discussion to help you decide if a move abroad is right for you. Together, we will transform your concerns and fears into actionable knowledge so you’ll go away from our session with more confidence about deciding to move to Spain.


The I want some advice on moving to Spain session is a one-time charge of €50 (EUR) for 40 minutes of my time (non-refundable).


A 40-minute Skype or Zoom session with me is €50 (EUR). Payable in full, prior to our call.


Read on for more about this opportunity…

Something About Me


Hi, my name's Stuart, it's a pleasure to meet you. I’m an English teacher and content creator, from Perth, Western Australia, and I moved to Spain 22 years ago. Spain was the place I chose, mainly because I met a girl from Madrid. However, the climate, people, cost of living, quality of life, and lifestyle are the reasons I have lived here for so long.  


I also purchased a flat in Portugal in 1998 and I spend as much time there as I can. I love all things Portugal and am looking to move there permanently in the future. 


Moving to a country like Spain or Portugal doesn't need to be a daunting experience. 


Why am I offering this service?


I’m offering Advice on moving to Spain, a one-on-one service, because many people have asked for my help. 


Through my YouTube channel, Spain Speaks, I’ve received messages of thanks, both for being an inspiration and for sharing openly and honestly about moving to Spain, and also Portugal. Many of these kind people have supported me over the years either buy buying me a beer or a coffee (you can too here), or by becoming a Patron on Patreon  (you can too here). 


Okay, I’m in, now what? 


Well, if you want some quality, no BS advice on moving to Spain, a 40min Skype or Zoom session with me is €40. Payable in full, prior to our call.


Read on to learn what you get and to sign up…

What you get from an Advice on Moving to Spain Session


You get a 40 minute session with me to pick my brain, and to get answers to your questions about living in Spain. Not just the logistics, but how it feels to leave it all behind and move to another country. Ultimately, I hope to provide you with clarity and perspective so you can make an informed decision about moving to Spain.


I will also give you access to my list of trusted service providers (migration assistant, gestor,  real estate agents, attorneys, etc.). People that I have used and recommend. 


How it works:

  • Pay for your session in advance (final sale, reschedule within 48 hours if you need to);
  • Fill out a brief online questionnaire (that arrives after you make payment) with your top 3-5 questions (please allow me up to 48 hours to review);
  • Once I review your questionnaire, I’ll be in contact to schedule our call via Skype or Zoom (again, please be patient as this may take me a day or two for review);
  • Once we have agreed on a day and time, we will chat for 40 minutes during that time about your questions. Any time left over is yours to discuss anything else related to moving to Spain;
  • I will then follow up via email to add anything that I may have thought of later or promised to send you (resources, links, etc.); and
  • You have the option of replying to my email for clarification on anything we discussed.


We’ll address your questions within the allotted time, but remember, this is not legal/tax/financial or real estate advice. This session is a final sale; no refunds, please. If you need to reschedule, please do so within 72-hours of our scheduled time. If you miss your designated time (without 72-hour notice), you forfeit your fee. Thank you for understanding and I look forward to chatting with you!

Advice on moving to Spain

Hop on a Zoom or Skype call with me where you can pick my brain for 40 minutes on moving to and living in Spain. 

50,00 €

  • Available